At Bay Beds we use the highest quality products in manufacturing our beds which means your new bed comes with a 10 year warrantee!
That covers any faulty materials and workmanship.
If you follow the care tips below you can get the best lifespan from your new Bay Bed Makers mattress.
Your mattress is single sided so all you need to do is rotate the mattress head to foot every 3 months. This way your foams and spring system will wear evenly. If you do not rotate your mattress the warranty may not be valid.
We recommend you use a mattress protector on your new bed, this will protect it from getting marked or damaged.
If your mattress gets marked spot clean using a damp cloth only, putting water directly on to the mattress can cause potential for mould to form. If your mattress gets substantially marked please contact us for advice.
It is good to remember it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to the feel of your new sleep system, so be a patient if you find it different at first.
If you still don’t adjust to your new mattress please contact us for advice, remember we offer a 30 day comfort guarantee in order to help you end up with the perfect bed for you.
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