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My name is Michael Gillbanks, the owner of one of New Zealand’s best boutique bed factories hand crafting beds in Hawkes Bay since 1989.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers a truly unique shopping experience. Call me a little sentimental but I believe in good old-fashioned customer service where your name is important and a handshake means you have my word.

We provide our customers with a very transparent description of what is in our mattresses. We can tell you about the springs used, why we use New Zealand downs wool extensively in our pillow top layers, the density of the comfort layers and importantly the thickness of each layer. As part of the experience we invite you into our factory to see first-hand the products we use and the various stages of bed construction. You will enjoy the experience and come away with a much clearer understanding of what makes a quality mattress. In the factory, you will see that we use high quality, natural products to craft the bed of your dreams.

Buying a bed isn’t easy; I would say it’s easier to choose your next new car than it is to get your head around which bed is right for you. Our well trained sales team are here to listen to your needs and help you make the right choice. 

But what happens if once sleeping on your new bed it’s not right for you? And does the warrantee fully cover its recommended life? Our comfort guarantee gives you the needed time to adjust to your new bed and if you choose to make adjustments it is a simple process, and usually a same day service so you aren’t left without a mattress. We also have an extensive 10 year warrantee on all our beds and a very simple warrantee claim process unlike many large companies.

I feel customers deserve to know exactly what they are investing in. We really pride ourselves in what we do for our customers; we aim for the whole experience to be great for everyone, including same day service and follow up support. 

The safest and most cost effective way of buying your new bed is to cut out the middleman and support local hand crafters. As Hawkes' Bay's only bed manufacturer we look forward to hearing from you soon.
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